Olaplex price is added to the price of the colour, 25 – 40 €

Consultation on colour, haircut (up to 30 minutes) 15 €

* Steam straightener and special L’oreal keratin-containing cream are used

** is not a separate service, but an additional service for stranding, colouring in balayage technique

We use L’oreal Professionel products.

Short hair – hair with the ear standing out

Semi-long hair – hair that is down to one’s shoulders

Long hair – hair that is down to half one’s back

Extralong hair – hair that is longer than down to half one’s back!

Style change – if the client wants to cut more than 10 cm.

Special services (balatage, ombre, sombre, dark to light, etc.) – price depends on the specific paint cost and workload. Ask for an offer!

Prices include VAT.